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Lacing firm SC PLASTPROD SRL has emerged due to the needs for the coverage of a market segment of small manufacturers, that occurred especially after 1990 and that deals with the manufacturing and tarding of bands,straps and textile strings (rigids or elastic), used in the industry of leather products, furniture, clothing, household appliances or with special purposes.

The development of the firm was difficult due to a lack of top of the range machines, of the penetration into the market of large profile factories, as well as the distrust of beneficiaries into new manufacturers, especially S.M.E.s.

The history of the company includes several importnt landmarks in the almost 20 years of activity:

  • 1995:

    Begins with the manufacturing of only one weaving machine, at first rented and one warping machine self-designed and self-executed.

  • 1999:

    Two more weaving machines were bought and in parallel,machines for the finishing of textiles were designed and executed.

  • 2000:

    Based on a PHARE project, the firm obtained a funding credit of 100000 Euro, with the help of which it managed to purchase machines from firm Jakob-Müller Switzerland. The completion of the project meant both the increase of manufacturing capacity, teh diversification of the number of items and the suprising visit of Jonathan Scheele from the European Commission in Romania.

  • 2003:

    The firm managed to buy and set up its own space of manufacture of 840 sqm in Holboca Locality, Iaşi County.

  • 2004:

    It obtained certification ISO 9001/2000.

  • 2017:

    The funding project by European Funds Purchase of machines for the increase of the capacity of manufacture of company "PLASTPROD SRL" in the amount of 200.000 Euro was approved.

The market is permanently changing and firm PLASTPROD endeavours to keep up with it, by permanently refreshing the park of machines, by the development of its own research with partners, either research institutes, higher education establishments or other SMEs, by maintaining the high quality standard and extremely competitive prices.
Currently, the firm has a manufacture capacity of over 600000 ml/month. The diversification of manufacture, the continuous increase of quality and the professional level of the employees are permanent desiderata for this company.

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